Sexual Health

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STIs: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Condoms provide the best protection against sexually transmitted infections and free STI checks are available through Anamata CAFE for all ages, or through your GP if you are under 25.

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Sexual Violence

Sometimes the abused person feels like what has happened is their fault when abuse is actually when someone does something that does not feel okay or is not wanted.

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What you need to know about Sexuality and Gender

Sexuality is a basic part of who someone is and includes values, attitudes and behaviours. It involves relationships with other people, feelings, communication, intimacy, attitudes to one's own body and ideas about how men and women should behave.

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Facts and Info about Puberty

Learn the important facts about puberty

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Contraception is an important element to everyone's sexual health. We want to help by providing relevant information about the various contraceptions available to you.

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Sexual Health for Young Men

If you’re a young male, it’s time to think about sexual health.

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Contraception for Young Women

Almost everyone who comes to us wanting contraception will be seen by one of our nurses. They will have quite a few questions to ask you but your health, personal safety and wellbeing are their biggest concern.