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STIs: Sexually Transmitted Infections


Condoms provide the best protection against sexually transmitted infections.

Free STI checks are available through Anamata for all ages, or through your GP if you are under 25.

Pihanga Health in Turangi are now be offering FREE sexual health checks, NO CHARGE, pop in to see a nurse!

Having sex only once can give you a Sexually Transmitted Infection.

Many STIs can be treated with antibiotics but some may not be cured.

If you are worried about the possibility of infection, or just want more information, come to see us at Anamata or check out this helpful link Just The Facts


Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection of the genitals, throat, rectum or eyes.  This STI can cause pelvic infections, infertility and chronic pelvic pain in women.  In men it can cause chronic discomfort in the testicles and sometimes infertility. It is usually treated with a single antibiotic injection.


Warts, also called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection, is very common and can cause small lumps around the vagina and anus in women, and on the penis and around the anus in men.  Wart virus infection has been linked with cervical cancer: all women over 20 should have regular cervical smears.

At Anamata CAFE or your doctor there is a free HPV vaccine available to boys and girls 26 and younger, if you haven’t had the vaccination at school. The HPV vaccine is very effective and we have seen a big reduction in warts.


The most common STI in New Zealand.   It is a bacterial infection that affects boys and girls.  For most, you may not even know you have it.  It is easy to test for and you may be able to do the tests your self. It is easy to treat, usually with a single dose of antibiotics.


Herpes simplex is a common virus that can cause painful sores, usually on the mouth, lips or genitals. It can be treated with a course of tablets.


Syphilis is a potentially serious bacterial infection that can be sexually transmitted.  Without treatment it can, in its late stages, cause multiple problems affecting different body organs, including damage to the heart, brain and spinal cord. It is treated with antibiotic injections.


Human immunodeficiency virus damages the immune system, used by the body to fight diseases.  HIV is carried in blood and body fluids, and can be sexually transmitted.  Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a group of illnesses which occur when the body can no longer fight  infection or disease. It can occur as result of HIV infection.


There may not be a cure for HIV, but there is a way to end the stigma that surrounds it. HIV-related discrimination still exists in New Zealand and is often fuelled by misconceptions and fear around HIV. By talking more about HIV and the experiences of people living with HIV we can open people’s hearts and minds and reduce discrimination.

Check out this great short video.

Is a common STI that can affect women and men but is usually only picked up on testing women. It is easily treated with a single dose of antibiotics.


Several types of viral infections affecting the liver that can be sexually transmitted.

And Remember Anamata is Open until 6pm on Wednesdays and you can get your sexual health checks from your school nurse too.

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