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Consequences and Myths about Sex

If you're thinking about having sex, think about the consequences. Think through your own values and those of your family. Don't let anyone push you into anything

Guys…did you know if you have sex with a girl and she becomes pregnant you may be liable to pay child support for the next 18 years?

Always look at what you stand to gain against what you stand to lose…could you really handle the consequences of an STI or pregnancy – both can be life changing.

HOW DO YOU SAY “no” WITHOUT HURTING FEELINGS??? Take control of your life, be strong…kia kaha.  Say it with your voice, your eyes and your body, and leave.

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Myths about sex:
Myth 1: You can’t get pregnant the first time. Yes you can?
  • You can get pregnant before you get your first period if you are sexually active
Myth 2: If he pulls out before he cums, she won’t get pregnant. WRONG!
  • Because the precum (the fluid at the end of the penis when a guy gets an erection) already has sperm in it.
Myth 3: Everyone else is doing it. WRONG AGAIN!
  • It’s normal, it’s OK to wait until the time is right for you and you’re old enough to handle the consequences. What about the possibility of STI’s or pregnancy or the feelings that are involved?
Myth 4: She can’t get pregnant if she has her period.
  • If sex is unprotected at any time she is at risk of getting pregnant. Sperm can live inside the female’s for up to seven days.

There is no hurry… even if you may think so… not everyone is doing it.

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"Virginity is not something to be ashamed of...it's something to be proud of"